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Friday, December 30, 2011

Greetings from Princejks*happy new year*

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Jang keun Suk Send his New Year’s Greeting in 12 Different Languages

the “Prince of Asia,” Jang Geun Suk has surprised his fans by sending a New Year’s greeting in 12 different languages. The video was released yesterday on his official YouTube channel. In the video, he greeted his fans, “Hello. This is Jang Geun Suk. 2011 is already gone. This year went by especially fast, and it was a meaningful year for me.” He continued, “2012 marks 20 years since my debut. I hope to see a lot of you at my dinner show.”

Jang Geun Suk then sent a short New Year’s greeting in English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Thai, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Indonesian, Russian, and Korean.

Fans who have seen the video commented, “Hope you have a great 2012,” “You’re no longer just the Prince of Asia, but the Prince of the World!” "Happy new year to you, too, oppa! :) Looking forward to your next project. Mahal kita! :D," and "Happy New Year!! Next time, please also speak in Tagalog., You have a lot of Filipino fans.. :) Saranghamnida Jang Keun Suk!"


Thursday, December 29, 2011


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English translation: tenshi_akuma

If I have a girlfriend, I will tell her, “I love you” everyday. I don’t want to waste a single minute of our precious time.
“When I first read the script of ‘You’re My Pet (YMP)’, I realized In Ho and I are so alike. Both are cheerful and mischievous. We have own dream. I didn’t find any difficulties while acting him,” JKS said. JKS played Kang In Ho, a young prospective dancer, came to a career woman (a career woman, Ji Eun)’s house and became her pet “Momo” afterward. He enjoyed behaving like a pet by taking advantage of the position. For example, Momo asked her to shampoo him as his master’s obligation. Momo flung his arms around her because he was hungry.

JKS also shows us his innocent and cute behaviors. For example, he suddenly began to sing songs (such as ‘Anatani-Aitakute (Missing You)’ by Seiko Matsuda and ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by JKS) and dance. During the break of shooting, he was eating an orange and then when he caught the eye of our staff, he smiled and gave him half of the orange, saying “Do you wanna eat it?” His such mischievous nature breaks the ice and he naturally makes us smile. It is really like In ho.

“Needless to say, it is necessary for men to grow up and be mature. But still I wish to remain with an innocent heart as a child throughout my life. I just want to live my life happily, not to live such as telling lies to myself because of worrying too much about what others think of me. I don’t make myself too busy working to enjoy my own life. If it came real, life would suck… I want to say what I want to say. I want to do what I want to do. If so, I’m sure I will be satisfied with my life fully and I live my life with smile every moment. I really want to enjoy my life from the bottom of my heart.”

What is his view on love?
“Ah, I can’t answer this question because I’ve never had a girlfriend before… Do you think I’m telling a lie…? Lol. Anyway, I wonder if there are any couples who play fighting like In ho and Ji Eun. Lol. But I feel it must be interesting whatever I do with my loved one. As for me, I don’t care how older or younger she is when I love her. The most important thing is sincerity to her. And my taste is a gentle and feminine woman whom I get the urge to protect without thinking. I like a stylish woman, too. As I was reading your magazine, I found that MORE’s fashion is my taste. If I’m in love, I will first tell her my love. Because I am a man.”

In this way he declared his view on love. When we asked him what his favorite word is, he replied plainly, “…’I love you’ is my favorite words. If I have a girlfriend, I will tell her, ‘I love you’ everyday. I don’t want to waste a single minute of our precious time.”

Behind the scene of YMP, we still remain our relationship as the master and the pet.
Kim Ha-neul has a dignified elegance with impressive eyes. She is also exactly Ji Eun, a career woman who has both beauty and intelligence. “I think we are alike. We have some similarities such as we are in 30s, have a job, single and no boyfriend. We both look strong but, in fact, we are not so strong, rather sensitive. That’s why I really understand why Ji Eun needs Momo. I’d be happy if I have someone who play with me like a little child and understand me without words.” She added that she had enjoyed shooting every day while looking back on those days.

“We called each other ‘the master’ and ‘Momo’ even behind the shooting place. JKS is real Momo. He is mischievous and everyone around him smiles. One day when I was sick, he bought a goody to encourage me and said, ‘Dear master!’ Afterward, I recovered soon. Lol. Even now Momo sometimes calls me, ‘What are you doing, my master?’ He is cute, isn’t he? On the other hand, his attitude to work is so adorable as a man, an actor. He lives his life with clear vision. I respect him even if he is younger than I.”


‎"Nature Republic" CM broadcast simultaneously at five locations vision street in Shibuya

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Vision broadcast in four places to 25th street in Shibuya, December 19, 2011 - 12
messages flowed from the nature point of vision Republic Hachiko crossing in Shibuya 4 visible from the street.
15 second video was aired twice per hour in each vision.
Broadcast period until 25 December 2011 to December 19.
· Mighty Vision Shibuya
Shibuya Television · 2
· 109 Vision Forum
was broadcast in the preceding four large vision.

video greetings from geun chan:

cr:nature republic..

[news]Jks donate 30 million...

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Jang Geun Suk donates another $30,000 USD to charity

Jang Geun Suk recently made headlines for donating $1.2 million USD to his university, Hanyang University. Earlier this month, he’s been revealed to have donated yet another $30,000 USD.

The $30,000 was split three times, with $10,000 USD being given to a different organization, such as one for an orphanage in Kangnam and the other for a briquette delivering organization sponsored by NGO.

The orphanage in Kangnam was actually in dire need of the support, as not only is it the only orphanage in Kangnam, but is also poorly faciliated. Up until October, they had used a gas boiler to heat the building before organizations chipped in to reconstruct the place. Unfortunately, funds weren’t enough to complete the project.

Upon hearing their case, Jang Geun Suk covered the remaining fees and helped the orphanage complete the construction, allowing the kids to spend a healthy, warm winter.

On December 28th, his agency expressed, “After hearing about the orphanage, Jang Geun Suk-ssi worried a lot about the safety of the children. He wanted to help in any of the little ways he could and delivered the donation to them. He’s glad that they’re all warm and safe and is actually thankful to them.”


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[photo & video] ZEGDA is OUT!!

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A handsome JKS in ZEgda..ENjoy!!

enjoy watching this short clips..


[lotte]New fruitio gum

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New style of fruitio will come out next year,january 20th 2011..According to my source maybe the new style of fruitio gum will come out same time of YMP the movie in japan...OR check on sale january 31st...good luck..


[Interview]JKS with ELLE Japan

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In his latest movie JKS became a pet of a female senior
Jang Keun Suk, he is the very person who has captivated Japanese women’s hearts. He broke through as a star after broadcasting TV drama ‘You Are Beautiful’ and since then he has succeeded his career as a singer as well as an actor. In fact, he just finished his first performance at Tokyo Dome in November successfully. In his latest movie ‘You’re My Pet (YMP)’ based on Japanese comic, JKS played Kang In Ho, a pet as well as a young prospective dancer, living under the same roof with a career woman, Ji Eun who is not good at love.

JKS came in for ELLE interview with smile which brings our motherly instincts. The way he spoke Japanese fluently represented his cuteness, and we were sometimes confused if he was In Ho or JKS.

“The role of In Ho is full of JKS. Lol. He is the most similar character to me in all characters I’ve played… no, strictly speaking, In Ho may be completely myself. So that I requested the director to act freely and he approvingly adopted my improvisation,” JKS said. While talking, JKS looked much cuter than his age. He was like a real puppy when he had played in YMP scenes such as he was shivering because of rain and he whined in front of Ji Eun. Besides. JKS himself was a surprisingly open person.

“On the other hand, I also have a sadistic side. Lol. Every human has different colors of personality. I have black side as well as red or white ones. So does In Ho. He hasn’t been only her pet throughout YMP. He has a manly side. The big difference between the original YMP and this movie was our relationship between master and pet. The master halfway came to wait for her pet. In Ho is a man who makes as much efforts as he can to pursue his dream, job and goal.”

What do you think about the love which has been started as the relation between a master and her pet?
“In Korea there are few couples who live under the same roof before their marriage, so it is unlikely to happen to me. However, it may happen if I love her from the beginning…?” This is where he began to use expression ‘to love someone’ many times. That means we glimpsed his manly side. “I believe what the most important thing in life is ‘sincerity’. So I don’t care how old she is when I love her, rather care about her personality more than her age.”

Besides, he added his comment about how he feels about senior women. “As for me, mature women are those who enjoy both jobs and love, and have a lot of experience. They seem to protect junior men like YMP. But I am the man who wants to take initiative about love. As I am a man, I protect my loved one!” He didn’t hesitate to declare that. We wish Japanese ‘herbivorous’ men would follow his manly attitude.

He was very surprised to hear that there are many people who don’t or can’t love someone in Japan. “Why can’t they love? As for me, ‘to love someone’ is the most important thing. It reminds me when I heard that there are many Japanese couples who don’t say ‘I love you’ each other. I wonder why they don’t say so because I believe couples get married because they love each other. My parents say each other, ‘I love you’ almost everyday. I’ve found the way they express their love to the other beautiful since my childhood. So I will say to my loved one, ‘I love you’ everyday. Definitely!”

My dream will never finish. I will continue to set a new dream.
After his exclusive interview, we invited Kim Ha-neul to our interview. JKS said to us mischievously, “She taught me how passionate we should kiss.” As soon as she heard his words, she replied, “Don’t play with me. I just accepted your way.” We all laughed out loud at their dialogue. Their relationship looked really like one in YMP!

And we glimpsed the moment when JKS changed into a pet with his arm around her waist. In this way he transforms himself into boyish sex or male sex freely. He must have an excellent command of such transformation though we don’t know he realized this power. He smiles as if he were an innocent child. On the other hand, he also shows us his coolest eyes as an adult. And we are captivated by him easily. We realize that this is his charm and secret of his popularity.

Kim Ha-neul describes JKS as follows. “He is more energetic than all other Korean actors. So just being with him makes me cheer-up and I feel I can perform better than usual. Even if his schedule is packed, he always enjoys acting. This is also one of his strong points.”

In fact, this interview was held just after he had finished his performance at Tokyo Dome and returned to Korea. In spite of his tight schedule, he attended a university before our interview. By next year he will have worked in showbiz for twenty years. He’s broken through as a star, but he doesn’t change himself at all. And his dreams continue without end. “I can’t still believe that my dream from a child to perform at Tokyo Dome came true. But now I am thinking to set a next dream. I hope that I can translate it into reality in the near future. I will continuously set and tackle my dreams.” JKS will proceed to the new dream with rush of hope and shining eyes. What kind of the new world will he show us next if we follow him? We must see a world beyond our imaginings.

Credit: jangkeunsukforever.com

Friday, December 23, 2011

[interview]JKS movie's choice

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"Attractive and intellectual and fatal and even loveable yet unpredictable and mysterious although honest -- a human being that can't be defined in just one word." This answer he gave when asked what sort of guy he thinks of himself as, shows who he is and how he wants to be. A celebrity who called himself 'the prince of Asia.' A star who orders his fans to call him a prince while he calls them eels. An actor who without hesitation, reveals his sense of rivalry against actors Kim Soo-hyun and Yoo A-in. Never before was there someone like Jang and he is still a unique being. He is a 24-year-old who in the most direct way possible, delivers his thoughts to the public of a country where modesty is virtue. And if such a Jang Keun-suk did not exist, neither would the movie "You Are My Pet." The film failed to do its original work justice but it was perfect in showing the neanthropic Jang Keun-suk. In the movie which was packed with dancing, singing and ways of acting cute which no actor would even conceive of showing, yet is very likely to be seen at Jang's Asia tour fan meeting, Jang looked like a pet who existed for the purpose of being loved.

Yet in reality, Jang is an actor with 20 years experience under his belt. He may seem like one that is from outer space yet from having been the bread winner of his family since he was young to provide for them, he is cool-headed more than anyone when it comes to evaluating himself. "A character within a project exists solely within the project. Of course, "You Are My Pet" is a bit of an exception because there's a lot of me in it. Anyway, characters are characters and I'm myself although it does seem like I'm gaining more attention these days. Yet the reason I can't be satisfied with this situation nor say it's enough is because I've never won high recognition as an actor. Not once! My personality may have gained popularity from "The Guru Show" but I think that an actor's life is about winning recognition for his projects," he said.

Jang is now considered the Hallyu star that is popular enough to be the next Bae Yong-joon. Yet he does not believe in "popularity which could disappear like bubbles from a single mistake" and everyday he asks himself, "Do you really not regret anything?" He had seemed weird and frivolous but turned out to be understandable and serious. And the movies he chose were even more of a surprise. Below are movies that 'the prince of Asia,' dreaming to be 'the prince of the world,' recommends to the film audience.

1. "Notting Hill"
1999 Roger Michell
"I don't think there's a Korean actor who gives off the vibe that Hugh Grant does. In our country, people usually say that actors who seem to be macho are manly but I think guys who are multilateral and round are more interesting. There may be muscular men but men with soft voices can be more manly as well. And in the same sense, Hugh Grant is a actor who is manly in his own way."

William (Hugh Grant) who is living a quiet life running a bookstore, keeps getting entangled in coincidental incidents with Hollywood actress Anna (Julia Roberts) after her visit to his store. William comes to see Anna's true self, which had been covered by her star status, while spending time with their delightful friends and after much ups and downs, the two realize that they love each other. From the dramatic marriage proposal at a press conference to the last happy ending scene, the movie contains all the virtues required of a romantic comedy, making its original soundtrack "She" leave an even stronger lingering feeling.

2. "Annie Hall"
1977 Woody Allen
"I like Woody Allen. And how did I watch 'Annie Hall' when it's from such a long time ago? I came to watch it during a class I took in school under the subject of the modernism of present day films. Woody Allen's unique way of turning ideas around was impressive. His attempts such as talking while looking at the camera was interesting."

When two people fall in love, they do so at an uncontrollable pace but when that relationship starts to cool down, that too happens at an uncontrollable pace. One becomes disgruntled with every single thing about the other person and all leads to arguments. Yet we go on the lookout for love again and this is shown in "Annie Hall." The pic took the awards for best director, best script and best actress at the 50th Academy Awards.

3. "A Man and a Woman"
1966 Claude Lelouch
“I like even the music for 'A Man and a Woman' so much that I have the DVD for the movie. And there are certain scenes that are memorable which I think are being talked about by people who make movies even nowadays. The scene where a man and woman walking on a beach with their children was shot by a telephoto lens or when the man honks his car in front of the woman's house was very romantic."

The movie did not contain any dramatic events and instead delivered the nervousness felt by a man and woman in love by capturing the sight of them talking and hesitating over whether to hold hands. Each of the scenes to the man and woman on their 'Sunday date' which go from black and white to color to cross cuts to flash backs, are beautiful enough for one to want to store separately. And as a result, the movie made romantic film history by winning the Grand Prix of that year's Cannes Film Festival and the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

4. "Chungking Express"
1994 Wong Kar-wai
“I think 'Chungking Express' is a movie which played the most with contrasts and mise-en-scene of all the films released in the 20th century because it's still talked about by film students. I read up on the movie too as a learning experience but I actually didn't understand it and was mind boggling. [laughs] Yet I can't forget Tony Leung's eyes when he took off his hat as he entered a store. He was great in that scene."

The characters in "Chungking Express" are in love but have not obtained it. They remain in the time that they separated with their loved one or continue to love the one they were deserted by. That is why their hearts, frustrated even more from loneliness, jolt Wong Kar-wai's shaking camera even more.

5. "A Bittersweet Life"
2005 Kim Jee-woon
“'A Bittersweet Life' contains all the elements that men like. Revenge, love, action and a bit of spying. I really liked the mise-en-scene to this movie. And I truly respect Lee Byung-hun's gaze. He's amazing and really want to be like him."

Sun-woo (Lee Byung-hun) from "A Bittersweet Life" who showed that men can be elegant as well in his entirety is what all men want to be. But the movie which showed his hunched shoulders when he eats a fish cake on a street by himself, opposite from the arrogance he maintained even when he rolled about in mud, made him a man who cannot be defined merely by a well-fitted suit or espresso. That is why the uneasiness he showed from time to time did not disperse into the void but instead got concentrated into depicting on a real person.

아시아 Reporter : Lee Ji-Hye seven
아시아 Photographer : Lee Jin-hyuk eleven
아시아 Editor : Jessica Kim jesskim

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[photos]RAY magazine issue

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

[video & Photo's]Jang Keun Suk Shufoo Commercial Dancing Version

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New photo's from shufoo commercial...

pls watch this cute video of keun suk...

Eel's If we notice,keun suk wear the codes combine brand in his new shufoo commercial..take a look this photo..


[twitter]The come back of AsiaPrince

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Jang Keun Suk is back on Twitter, and he’s thoroughly happy about it.

On December 22, Jang tweeted a video along with the caption “The happiness of my last shoot is dedicated to my Eels (Jang Keun Suk’s fans)! I’m back!” The video, just five seconds long, shows Jang shaking his head to the beat of some electronic music.
In November, Jang announced he would give up Twitter by tweeting, “I’ve felt a lot meeting a lot of people in the communication world of Twitter, but I can’t stand the misinterpretations anymore. I’ll be closing my Twitter account at midnight.”

Fans heartily welcomed him back to Twitter by bombarding him with happy mentions. When a fan teased him, saying, “What is this, you said you wouldn’t come back; so much for the great Jang Keun Suk,” Jang answered, “Twitter was the one that wouldn’t let go of me!”

When a fan asked him whether he was really making a return to Twitter, he answered, “I’m turning on the ignition,” implying that his temporary Twitter hiatus was coming to an end.

Jang will be starring with Girls’ Generation’s Yoona in producer Yoon Suk Ho’s upcoming drama Love Rain.

[news]Geun chan's Jplus photobook won.

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NO.1 DVD sales on idol/image category in 2011
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Credit: oricon style + tenshi_akuma + nate

According to the news “The annual ranking of sales on images in 2011″ ORICON announced, JKS’ first photo book and DVD “THE ROMANCE JPLUS PHOTOGRAPH COLLECTION LIMITED” (released in July) sold 24,000 sets a year and won the first prize on the idol/images DVD category. It’s been five years since foreign stars, Kwon Sang-woo in 2006, won this category.

JKS’ dramas “You Are Beautiful (YAB)” and “Marry me, Mary” have won a big market in Japan. He has appeared on various magazines. He has a lot of female fans in Japan. Usually on this category female stars win the first prize. The last time when male stars won was “My color” by Takeru Sato in 2008.

Besides, his one of the best works “YAB deluxe Blu-ray (BD) Disc box2″ sold 16,410 sets and won the first prize on the drama BD category. And ”YAB deluxe Blu-ray (BD) Disc box1″ sold 16,080sets and won the second prize on the drama BD category.

* JKS message: I won the first prize on Oricon chart! Thanks for your supporting. I’m Jang Keun Suk!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

‎[Upcoming] Elle Japan – Feb 2012 issue

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New exclusive interview! “Elle Japan” Feb 2012 issue to be released on 26 Dec 2011 features Jang Keun Suk who has become popular in Japan based on drama “You are Beautiful” and has completed his successful Tokyo Dome performance at the end of Nov 2011. Before the movie “You’re my Pet” airs in Japan, Elle Japan has successfully gotten an exclusive interview, a must-read for hardcore fans.

Get closer to JKS in “Elle Japan”!

This interview was conducted shortly after JKS’ return to Korea after Tokyo Dome concert. His trademark mid-length ‘London mushroom’ hairstyle caters to his drama. Amidst his crammed schedule, he does not show any sign of exhaustion and completes the interview smoothly, a testament to his professionalism from 20 years of artiste experience!

“Elle Japan” will have 6 pages on how JKS feels to be the pet of more mature women, his perspective of love as regards to more mature women and his future career development. A section on the increasing trend of single Japanese men and women who don’t engage in romance. And also photographs taken with Kim Ha-neul.

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[news]Analysts reveal that Jang Geun Suk owns a $14 million USD building

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On December 19th, SBS‘s ‘Good Morning‘ revealed that Jang Geun Suk was the youngest star to be included in the richest 1% of real estate wealth among celebrities.

Hosts of the show went in-depth into the wealth of the biggest stars of Korea, even bringing in professionals to reveal their analyses. Surprisingly, Jang Geun Suk was named as the youngest wealthy real estate star.

An expert explained, “As Jang Geun Suk is 24 years old, this makes him the youngest and one of the wealthiest amongst the stars. He bought a building estimated to be worth $14 million USD this year.” The building is located in Nonhyun-dong, the same building his agency is in.

He continued, “The building was also previously co-owned by gagman Seo Sewon and his wife.”

Jang Geun Suk also earned headlines for donating $1.2 million USD to Hanyang University.

Source + Photos: Star Today via Naver+allkpop

Thats my man!!!hurray!!

‎[news]Keun suk popularity reigns in youtube

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Popularity proven in 5 days after opening.
Actor Jang Geun Suk's official Youtube channel breaks 400,00 views since opening.

On December 18, Geun Seok's official Youtube channel recorded over 400,000 views. His video introduction is being viewed 206,216 around 4:30PM and his movie "Your Pet" with 103,325 views. The making of "Your Pet" is popular which is made by the actor himself.

Jang Geun Suk's Youtube channel was opened on 13th, and already getting lots of interests for it's varieties of videos like his Asian tour, Korean, and Japanese videos of "Your Pet" and many more.

Jang Geun Suk is currently shooting "Love Rides the Rain".

Source: Nate
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net

SNSD YoonA and Jang Geun Suk's "Love Rain" Releases Teaser Still

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The production company behind upcoming drama “Love Rain,” starring Jang Geun Suk and SNSD’s Yoona, released new teaser still this morning, increasing fans’ interests and expectations.

“Love Rain” is a melo-love story set in two different periods – the 1970s and 2012. Jang Geun Suk and YoonA play Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, two college students who fall in love with each other in the 1970s; unfortunately, these two do not get their happily ever after. Fast forward to the present, Seo Joon, In Ha’s son (also played by Jang Geun Suk) meets and falls in love with Ha Na, Yoon Hee’s daughter (also played by YoonA). Jang Geun Suk’s 1970s Seo In Ha is a romantic arts student who is willing to lay down his life for the love of his life. His son Seo Joon, on the other hand, is a carefree photographer who enjoys a freewheeling lifestyle. YoonA’s 1970s Kim Yoon Hee is a pure, elegant “campus goddess,” while her daughter Ha Na is a bright and lovable character.

In the released stills, In Ha and Yoon Hee have their first, heart-pounding encounter. In Ha is wearing paint-covered apron and shoes, whle Yoon Hee is dressed in a feminine floral dress matched with a burgundy cardigan. For In Ha, it’s love at first sight. As shown in the stills, he cannot take his eyes off her as he hands Yoon Hee her books.

Director Yoon Suk Ho commented, “In the 70s, young love was all about romance, innocence, and warmth. The cast and crew put in tremendous effort to portray the love and sensibility of the 70s as accurately as possible.” He added, “With Jang Geun Suk and Yoona’s pure and lyrical charms and personalities, we plan on showing the viewers a beautiful, warm, heart-pounding, and bashful story about love.”

Director Yoon Seok Ho and writer Oh Soo Yeon, the masterminds behind the sensational melodramas “Winter Sonata” and “Autumn in my Heart” have teamed up once again to produce “Love Rain.” With the combination of Jang Geun Suk, YoonA, director Yoon Seok Ho, and writer Oh Soo Yeon, it doesn't come as a surprise that “Love Rain” has already secured a Japanese broadcaster.

“Love Rain” is aiming for a spring 2012 broadcast.


[News and Photo's]Jang Geun Suk attended commemoration ceremony for his donation to Hanyang University

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Earlier, we reported that actor Jang Geun Suk secretly donated $1.2 million USD to Hanyang University last month to help students in the acting and film department.

On December 19th, Jang Geun Suk attended Hanyang University’s School Development Fund Ceremony in Seoul to mark his status as a donator to the school. Dressed in a casual navy-blue suit, the actor posed for several photos in front of his donator monument before moving on to complete the rest of his schedule.

Jang Geun Suk enrolled into Hanyang University’s Department of Theatre and Film in 2006 and is currently a 4th year at the university. In hopes that the school will continue to grow, Jang Geun Suk donated $1.2 million USD to fund a scholarship for deserving students.

MORE PHOTOS EEL's!!enjoy!!

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