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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

[Translation]The Role of LOVE RAIN Cast

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This is the translation from the post in WEIBO.

They post a picture with all the major roles from the 70’s part and put role description or you can also call it background introductions. Is pretty informative and from that you can definitely figure out some of the plot of the show. This was a translation from Korean to Chinese from Love Rain’s official website on KBS web. I have to say is not an easy translation because they put as a beautiful and sentimental story. Use poetic words. I tried to make is as beautiful as I can, but still you have to bear my poor English couldn’t bring the same level prettiness of the original. The story sounds pretty cliché but when I read it and I am thinking of face of Sukkie as In Ha, and Yoona as Yoon Hee, I just feel my heart kind of stop for a second and I will give a sigh to breath out the sadness for their unsuccessful love in the meanwhile I really enjoy the every bit of words to talk about it. I’m already 100% in Love Rain’s mood. Can’t wait for it. Hope you will enjoy it too.

Seo In Ha, an Art Academy Student, 23 years old.
The diary she lost, he read it with sad feeling for many nights. His 20 years old heart was filled in then by her.

He is an art student, just like a Monet’s painting, he has a gentle face with smile like a sunshine.
He was called genius because of his great drawing talent. He is also famous of his interest – music, he writes music and lyrics, so he is pretty talented on that too.
And he is from a wealthy family.
If there is an “unfairness” exists, then it because of him.
All the girls would give him their hearts, but he doesn’t really care.

Kim Yoon Hee, Domestic College student, 21 years old.
The long bench in front of art academy; the baby breath bouquet; the rain on that day; the time they went to see the sunset together at the beach, her 21 years old spring and summer she spent with him and that was her happiness.

She has long hair, pale skin, she wears wavy dress and white socks. Yoon Hee has innocent face with two big beautiful eyes that can smile, so does her long hair.
She was born from a decent family and with carefree upbringing, but she lost her parents when she was very young and her grandmother raised her up. Because of the family economy, she has to do several jobs. So it is a luxury thing for her to go to the music tea house to listen the boys play music. Her diary is the only place she can talk about her story.

Lee Dong Wook, Medical School Student, 23 years old.

I may have had over 1000 girl friends, but true love is only once. I want to be a person who can be even better than Elvis Presley

He is the popular DJ of school’s music tea house “sara B” His handsome face and clever eloquence made him the “Casanova” for the girls.
He always has enthusiasm to everything. He knows how to enjoy life, but under that he has a dark secret. His father is the younger son of a famous politician family, but he fell for a woman who was from a temptress place, and then they had Dong Wook. So Doo Wook can barely remember anything about his mother.

Bae Hye Jung, Domestic College student, 21 years old.

She looks like “Natalie Woods”, so she is the queen of many college boys’ dream.
She is from a wealthy family, very self-centered. Her straightforward and fearless character is her charisma.
She always hangs out with In Ha, Dong Wook and Chang Mo, so girls are admire her position. She only pay attention to In Ha, but he never look back to her. She wants In Ha to be hers only.
(btw, she is the actress who was all over Sukkie at their open shooting, that mini concert, I remember her clinging to Sukkie made lots of eels wondering who is she, aha, now no wonder, lol).

Kim Chang Mo, a law school student, 23 years old.

He is from countryside, when he past exam and accepted by the university, he became famous in his village, even the logistic officer came to visit him and encourage him.
When he came to Seoul, in his hands there were no books but only a guitar.
Because of his poor family, he can’t afford to live in the dom, In Ha let him in and lent place for him. He goes to “sara B” everyday just like he works there. He does not have outstanding appearance and he is poor, but if you hear him sing you will never forget him

Na In Sook, a Domestic College Student, 21 years old

She is a wealthy girl but doesn’t have much of common sense.
She is talkative and mean to others, but in fact, she doesn’t want to hurt anybody. She is kind of cute with her silliness.
She always fights with Chang Mo, but one day she saw Chang Mo’s sexy abs and that was it. She was totally felling for him...


[Promotion]JKS and PMY the endorser's Chinese beverage

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FINALLY Photo's from CF is out!!

Hallyu star and actor Jang Geun Suk has been selected as the newest model for a major Chinese beverage company together with park min young.

Previously, Chinese actress Zhou Xun who is considered one of the top 3 advertisement models in China had endorsed the brand, and the elite opportunity has now been handed over to Jang Geun Suk.

The corporation that selected Jang Geun Suk is well known throughout the Middle East and Southeast Asia, and in 2011 was selected as the most influential investment corporation in China.

A representative from the corporation remarked, “Jang Geun Suk who is the most famous celebrity figure in Asia today is not only the ideal type for 18~24 year olds, with his beautiful appearance, he fits well with our brand’s image.”

“With his variety of charms, we believe he is a model that our consumers will be able to relate to,” they continued. “We are already looking forward to the Jang Geun Suk effect.”

Meanwhile, Jang Geun Suk has formed a unit group with musical partner ‘Big Brother‘, and will be releasing mini-album ‘Lounge H The First Impression‘ in Japan on March 21st.

He recently held a free performance in Japan where 4,000 fans from his official fan club were selected to be at the event, while 220,000 other fans tuned in live from home.

Source & Image : FinancialNews via Nate+allkpop

Jang Keun Suk and SNSD’s Yoona seen in Hokkaido

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Recently, Jang Keun Suk and SNSD’s Yoona who star in KBS’s new drama series Love Rain left for Hokkaido, Japan for a location shooting.

Love Rain is a series composed of an “analogue” love story back in the 70s and a “digital” one in the present time, 2012. As the shooting for the 70s began in September last year and wrapped up recently, the production crew went on location in Hokkaido, Japan for the scene in which Seo Joon (played by Jang Keun Suk) and Hana (played by Yoona) meet for the first time in 2012.

Besides Jang and Yoona, Jung Jin Young (plays Seo In Ha in 2012) and Kim Young Kwang (plays Han Tae Sung in 2012) will also be on location in Japan for Love Rain which is planned to be about ten days long.

The location shooting will be about the cynical photographer Seo Joon and the international student Lee Hana running into each other by destiny.

As Jang and Yoona are expected to play an ecstatic scene having a beautiful snowy landscape of Hokkaido in the scenery, the location in Japan has built even more expectations for the viewers who are looking forward to the first episode.

A staff member of Yoon’s Color, the production company of the series, says, “Location in Hokkaido will be about shooting the turning point of the series as time swiftly moves from the 70s to 2012. If we say that the story in the 70s projected some classic emotions, the one in 2012 will appeal with a trendy sensation, exposing the viewers to an unusual experience as if watching two series at the same time. We hope you will like the series as we are pouring our best in capturing some beautiful Hokkaido sceneries in the camera.”

The first episode of KBS’s new drama series Love Rain will broadcast on March 26.

[JKS SHOP]WPS=World Prince shop in tokyo japan

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World Prince Shop was opened yesterday february 29'11.The shop opened 2 hours earlier for the fans who have been waiting in the snow.Taking picture inside of WPS was prohibited,But eel's can Took outside of the shop.Sukkie's mom wrote a message card just like eels did at WSP in morning.

Blue eel said she bought many stuffs there :) and I heard not allowed to use Credit card at World prince shop,So Don't forget to check your Cash in your wallet before you go and also be careful from pickpocket(eels said).
This is a staff T-shirt was taken received authorization.

WPS biz card -{back}
According to WPS staff, JKS shoes size 27,5cm, Jeans 28 inches, T-shirts size S..(oh gosh!sukkie and me same size in jeans??)
Passport holders, Small notebook, Calendar posters (Limited numbers only)
To those who wants passport holder,There Are 3 kinds of Passport holders, other is Pink,the Design is Suk..(immigration will recognise us easily..hehhehe)
WPS selling official merchandise and  they sell all Brand new products.
Many phone strap,some mirror,Mouse pads,Magnets, Stickers, Mini-Cushions, clear files, notes, Post-it, pouches, also handkerchiefs,something we never seen before..

Congratulatory flowers sent to WPS from Hidetoshi NAKATA.

Aside from that,many congratulatory flowers sent to WPS from Yuko Ohsima and Atsuko Maeda ,Tree-J, Frau, Lotte,TBC, DATV, Mr. Makimura etc.


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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

[DVD] Cri Show in Japan 2011 coming soon!

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UPDATE: some information for DVD

DVD release is on 21 March 2012.
Retails at ¥4,940 and is available in 2 covers.
Should be without English subtitles.
Click here: for more info.

Part1: Arena Tours in Japan
live & documentary part1
Disc2: live & documentary part2
Disc3(bonus): LoungeH tour 2011

Part2: Tokyo Dome tour
The content of Part 2Disc1: live & documentary part1Disc2: live & documentary part2Disc3(bonus): Review of 2011

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