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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Time table for trending

hello pretty EEL's

Gals here's the time table to follow,,already converted to seoul time..Please check your country and comment me if i input it wrong...Im hoping  all EEL's cooperation this coming event...Lets do it together to show our full support to him..THANKS CRI:)

SUK momwants Park Shin Hye to be her daughter-in-law

Hello pretty EEL's

Jang Keun Suk’s mother wants Park Shin Hye to be her daughter-in-law

n the episode of MBC’s Section TV that airs on July 31, two stars who are leading Korean Wave in Japan and Taiwan, Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye appeared.
The interview went smoothly as Jang and Park are known to be best friends. The reporter from Section TVslipped a comment, “We hear that Jang’s mother likes you…”
Park replied, “Jang’s mother does really like me. When I met her for the first time, she grabbed my hand and said that she wants me to be her daughter-in-law.”
“But the only actor that I think is gorgeous is Won Bin,” added Park.
Jang talked back mischievously to her reply, and their close friendship made the atmosphere of setting lively.
In this episode Jang shares fun experiences in China.
Source: Newsen 
watch this:

more photos from codecscombine:


Saturday, July 30, 2011

[full Episode]Do you remember

Hello pretty EEL's

video 1:

video 2:

video 3:

video 4:


“Budapest Diary”will be Release in JP on october

Hello Pretty EEL's

Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk will release his first official movie “Budapest Diary” in Japan on 26 October 2011.
JKS has also been involved in the production of the movie as well as the filming location. Aready the topic of much discussion way before its release, the movie is 45 minutes long and there is a 60-minute long making and behind-the-scenes DVD. JKS expressed that since the start of his acting days, it has been his dream to have his own photo-book and short film.
The promotional trailer also shows previously undisclosed scenes of JKS working towards his dream and participating in the production process.
Credits: KoreaStarDaily.com / TVDaily (Chinese)
English subs: Aphrael77

Friday, July 29, 2011

JKS pretend as a FAN??

Hello pretty EEL's
Check this photo..
Aigooo!!Sukkie cheering Kim Ha Neul  at her movie premiere for the thriller "Blind"..
Look at the reaction of kim ha neul..hahhaha!!

Near the end of this short clip..(after 1:00) you'll see Sukkie's adorable cheer!! 

If Someone like Jang keun suk will cheered you like this,,what would be your reaction???heheheh...Suk you know now what is the feeling of being a fan!!hahhahha...so FUNNY my sukkie..

credit:usaeels fan site +sniffiv

[Indo translation] Trending #HBDJKS [instruction]

Hello Pretty EEL's

Untuk memuluskan trending, instruksinya adalah sebagai berikut:
Topik :
Waktu :
30 menit sebelum tanggal 4  2011 (sesuaikan dengan jam di Korea )
Tempat :
Kita Atau EEL's... Pecinta jang keun suk
Mari kita  trend (dengungkan)#HBDJKS 30 menit sebelum ulang tahun  jang keun suk ...Hal tersebut berarti kita akan melakukannya bersIts-sama pada tanggal  3 agustus 2011  pada pukul  23:30 malam (mohon waktu disesuaikan)...kirim / tweet  or retweet / kirimkan kembali pesan menggunakan  #HDBJKS..
Contoh :(happy birthday suk #HBDJKS) tweet/ kirimkan dengan   hashtag/ simbol  sebanyak Yang kalian bisa. Dan kalian dapat mengulanginya lagi seperti ini (happy birthday suk #HBDJKS 1) Atau  ulang kembali  Atau kirim  pasan apapun juga dengan melampirkan / hashtag...PERLU DIINGAT :1 tweet/kirim pesan,1 hashtag/lampirkan simbol / yelyel #HBDJKS

Tips 1: mendekati waktu untuk trending, mohon jangan mengirimkan pesan lain terlalu banyak. Pertama, jika kalian mengirimkan pesan terlalu banyak, sebelum waktu, kalian akan mendapatkan waktu Yang sangat sempit. kalian tidak dapat memperluas Atau memperbanyak kembali (spaming) ...dan itu sangat tidak Bagus :(

Tips 2: pengiriman terbatas???? Kalian tidak diperbolehkan untuk mengirimkan pesan /twit untuk 2 jam.

Tips 3: ingatkan keluarga dan teman-teman tiga (3) jam sebelum waktu trending.

Tips 4: jika kita malakukannya melalui , akan lebih baik, karena lebih cepat dari telepon celuler (BB, HP, IPHONE, IPad , dll)

MENGINGATKAN : gunakan hanya satu simbol lampiran / 1 hashtag.. Jika kita lampirkan Atau tag 2 simbol / hastag, web tidak akan menghitung sebegai perbanyakan Atau spam. TIDAK akan menjadi trend, jadi berhNOT-hatilah.

Kita perlu mengisi kuota....TTWW adalah kado Yang sangat berharga juga.. Karena kita harus mengumpulkan banyak orang untuk memperbanyak pesan di saat Yang sama. Keun suk pasti akan senang dan bahagia mengetahui Hal ini. Dengan Cara ini, kita dapat lebih meningkatkan kepopularitasan jang keun suk...

Mohon dengan sangat mari kita lakukan bersama.pls.. Kirimkan pesan apa aja dengan melampirkan simbol / hastag #HBDJKS ....

JIKA ADA PERTANYAAN kalian dapat menanyakan kepada anggota theelsfamily Yang menciptakan hastag / simbol ini Atau dapat menghubungi  januseel,mrsjenjang and mickey71428 in twitter..THANKS CRI:)


TRANSLATE BY:januseel (ika)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

[mags]ASTA TV Magz-Aug edition

Hello pretty EEL's

ASTA TV Magz-Aug edition has 16pg of Sukkie for Codes Combine signing .
Korea No.1 Entertainment Magazine  ASTA TV(아스타 TV) 2011년 8월호 특집 
  [Hyper Photo Magazine]  총 100page    

  * [김재중 Kim Jae Joong] SPECIAL! 총50P
    -  SBS DRAMA '보스를 지켜라' HOT 제작 발표회 현장
    -  스튜디오에서의 김재중 화보

  * [장근석 Jang KeunSuk]  총 16P 
    -  codes-combine 명동 사인회 뜨거웠던 현장취재!  

ASTA TV  Magazine August issue ..JangKeunSuk'codes-combine hot site covering autograph! 16P

  * [2PM] Caribbean Bay Summer Wave Festival!  총8P       
   - 2011 캐리비안 베이 썸머 웨이브 페스티벌 현장에서의 2PM                

  * [GD&TOP] '써니텐'과 만나다. 총 8P 
    - 'GD&TOP'의 HOT 광고 현장화보

  * [인피니트(INFINITE)]  총 6P 
    -  첫번째 정규 앨범 ‘오버 더 탑(OVER THE TOP) '내꺼하자'로의 컴백    

  * [Star Inside!]    
    -  2NE1, 김현중, Super Junior 시원, f(x) 설리!
    -  스타들의 다양하고 생생한 사진들

 '한류의 본고장' 한국을 대표하는 ASTA TV(아스타 TV)매거진!
사진만으로도 스타의 모든 감정, 스토리가 전달되는,
[신개념 스타 화보 매거진]  ASTA TV(아스타 TV) 6월호, 특별판을 전국 각 '서점'과 '온라인', '지하철 한우리 문고', 그리고 '주요 지하철 역'에서 만나보세요.  


Lotte DFS Aug 2011 wallpapers

Hello pretty EEL's

[video] JKS at 'blind'movie premiere

Hello pretty EEL's

Yesterday JKS attended the movie premiere of "blind" ..His co star at YMP KIM ha neul invited him..

video of blind movie premiere suk arrival:


[mags]YEAH issue 477 mini-poster

Hello Pretty EEL's

Shared by: JKS FC Malaysia


Movie premiere for "Blind" haneul invited JKS

Hello pretty EEL's

Sukkie is went to Blind premiere yesterday:

Yesterday july 28'11.the movie premiere for "Blind". Kim Ha Neul (JKS co-star for You're My Pet) is in this movie and invited him to come.SUk wore formal suit,,,He Look very gentleman here..hehhehe.
Anyway what ever his style,his always handsome and made his eel's mero mero..haha!
He truly respect his noona kim haneul,..GOOD job sukkie!!two thumbs up!!

More pics from the premiere:

any angle as long as its keun suk..gogogo take a photo!

what a killer smile sukkie!!