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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Hilarious filming: JKS’ beautiful butt “ravaged” by KHN

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Incredulous photo of actors Kim Ha Neul and Jang Keun Suk was revealed recently, displaying the scene while Chi-eun walks into the bathroom and without warning, hits In-ho's butt forcefully while he is washing up. In-ho turn around and both look at each other for a couple of seconds screaming at the same time.

This is Kim Ha-neul and Jang Keun Suk's sexy and funny scene that signals the start of the Pet's dependency on the owner. On the day of filming this, the set was full of hilarious "victim" JKS had his own unspoken troubles. The reason is not because of KHN's shyness, but because of the director's repeated enthusiastic demonstrations. All the workers on set were laughing uncontrollably. For a long time, Jang Keun Suk "suffered" the ravage of the direction and KHN, but he could only keep his butt up and cooperate obediently.

Extracted fr. Innolife. Credited: jangkeunsukforever.com

[twitter]MESSAGE fro PD YOON

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From PD Yoon
Love rain' has no problem. We show you the scene of the peaceful production.^^
사랑비는 아무 문제없답니다. 평안하기 그지없는 제작사 풍경 공개합니다 ^^

from PD Yoon : Director Yoon said about the rumor of conflict.."Me? When??" ^^;;; Keep watching the 'Love Rain'!!
오전의 불화설(?)에 대한 윤감독님의 반응은 "내가??? 언제???" ^^;; 사랑비 앞으로도 많이 지켜봐주셔요!


Article of JKS and LOVE RAIN tension is not true

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KBS‘s highly-anticipated drama, ‘Love Rain‘, is experiencing some turbulence due to Jang Geun Suk‘s busy overseas schedules.

According to an insider related to the issue, shooting for the drama came to an ‘all-stop’ for two weeks because of the male lead’s Japanese activities. “Director Yoon Suk Ho recently brought all the managers together to go over schedules.” he said. “Because Jang Geun Suk paid attention only to his foreign schedules, the director had to step up to the plate. It’s a rare case for the director to personally meet with the managers.”

Jang Geun Suk recently kicked off his Japanese Arena Tour, and also has his first Chinese album to promote as well. In short, his schedule is packed.

“The shooting schedule is considerably backed up,” the insider revealed. “We were supposed to have completed five episodes by now, but only got through one. Jang Geun Suk keeps leaving in the middle of this situation, so the directors and the other cast members are having a hard time.”

Jang Geun Suk also raised eyebrows by bringing his own filming crew on-set, purportedly to film footage for a making-of video. “It’s not enough to harm the production, but since it’s Director Yoon’s first time dealing with it, he doesn’t know what to think of it.”

*Clarification of JKS rumor's*pls read.....
Jang Keun Suk feels no conflict regarding ‘Love Rain’
credit: korea.com + starnews

The production company for the TV series Love Rain recently dispelled rumors that there is internal conflict between them and actor Jang Keun Suk.

On the 27th, the company said, “Even though Jang is busy with his foreign schedules it didn’t affect the shooting schedule for the series. We discussed his schedule prior to casting him in the series.”

“Jang decided to go on a Japanese tour before he was cast in the series so we had prior consultation for both schedules. Director Yoon Suk Ho is currently editing previously shot scenes. We are not suffering from any internal conflicts between us and Jang.”

Because of Jang’s foreign schedules, the crew members are taking a two week break. They will start shooting again on November 1.

Some said Jang’s foreign schedule caused tension between the production crew and him. But that is not true.

The series may air through KBS but the production company said they haven’t decided at this time.

cr:korea.com +allkpop cr:skthtj (angel)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Korean star Jang Keun Suk captivates baseball players hearts

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An incident that showed just how popular Jang Keun Suk is was captured.

On the 26th, a netizen uploaded a picture titled, “Baseball players are taking pictures of Jang Keun Suk”.

In the picture, Jang is surrounded by spectators and baseball players. Especially, baseball players taking pictures of Jang with their cameras attract attention.

Netizens commented: “Mr. Jang, you’re awesome!” “You seem to be the most popular in Japan.” “You were handsome singing the national anthem of Korea.”

On the 24th, Jang attended a charity match between Play Boys, a Korean Celebrity Baseball Team, and All Stars, a team of retired baseball players.

Jang attracted attention by singing Korean national anthem before the game.

Source: Starnews+korea.com


Hello pretty EEL's

Jang Keun Suk, a popular Korean actor and singer, expressed his feelings on the successful completion of his Japanese arena tour.

On October 26, Jang left a comment on the Twitter page of his agency: “I’ve conducted a Japanese arena tour from Nagoyato Osaka and then to Saitama with great success. It’s all because of you guys.”

He added, “The concert tour gave me a precious chance to feel closer to fans’ love. I want to express my sincere appreciation to all f you. I believe in the tight connection between you and I, which will never be broken. Thank you so much.”

In the photos posted along with the comment, he wears a stage costume and heavy makeup.

Fans who saw the photos left explosive responses: “You had an impressive job with your concerts.” “I was very touched by your fantastic performances.” “I had a great time in your court.”

Jang was set on the Japanese arena tour, Always Close to You, on October 20 and completed the tour on October 26 in Tokyo after performing five times in three major Japanese cities.

By Park Hye-gyeong

Source: Starnews (Original article in Korean)
Photo from Starnews
Translated by Geum Jae / Korea.com

Jang Geun Suk uploads a zombie like selca

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Actor Jang Geun Suk channeled WWE‘s Undertaker and uploaded a pretty freaky selca.

In the tweeted photo, Jang Geun Suk is seen rolling his eye up so that only the white part of his eye is showing. His pupil is completely missing along with his pretty boy face. Instead of looking like an actor, he resembles a zombie.

Netizens wrote, “Twitter has re-discovered Jang Geun Suk”, “Only good looking people can do that”, “Even though only the white part of his eye is showing he looks better than many people”, and “It’s going to be difficult to watch him act in serious projects.”

Source: TV Report via Naver+allkpop

Treej_company update during arena tour

Hello Pretty eels,
Shared by Sukbar+aphrael
The last rehearsal for Saitama. To actor Jang, he needs the passionate support of eels. For the success of today’s Arena Tour, all the eels come together and support him … ^^
埼玉最后彩排中。对张演员来说 非常需要鳗鱼们的热烈支持。为了让今天的arena巡回能够顺利结束,所有鳗鱼们都一起来(支持)…^^

In a little while, the last stop of the Arena Tour is about to start. By looking at eels, JKS can gain energy. For actor Jang to complete the performance successfully, eels, scream as much as you can! It’s starting very soon.
再过一会儿Arena Tour最后一场琦玉Super Arena就要开始了。只要看着鳗鱼们就能产生力量,为了张演员能顺利地结束公演,鳗鱼们使劲尖叫吧!马上就要开始了

Now the last stop of Saitama Arena Tour has started. Eels, run~!!! gogogo!!!
现在最后一场埼玉arena tour开始了。鳗鱼们跑起来~!!!gogogo!!!
From Nagoya to Osaka and Saitama …. eels who are together with actor Jang, who have given your hearts to actor Jang, because of you, actor Jang’s Arena Tour has ended successfully. Our most sincere thanks to all eels…!
从名古屋开始,一直到大阪、琦玉为止。。。和张演员在一起的鳗鱼们,把心送给张演员的鳗鱼们,托你们的福,张演员的Arena Tour 圆满结束了。给所有的鳗鱼们致以最诚挚的感谢。。。!

Because of Arena Tour, actor Jang has more clearly felt eels’ love. Sincere thanks to everyone who has come to see the Tour … wants to continue on like this with eels… thanks

We are Kim Byung-gun and actor Jang who have collaborated for 6 years. Our meeting has resulted in today’s glory..!

Manager Lee who has lost weight because of busy preparation for Arena performance! Tough on you. In future, please produce an even more dashing performance for me ^^

and thanks to team H producer Kurt who has joined the Tour. so happy
也谢谢一起参加巡演的team H制作人kurt。好开心

Tree-J’s marketing team, leader Choi Hyun-young and representative Han Chi-min. In future actor Jang’s contents and promotion will be in your hands ^^

The photography team leader Jang Chai-ri who records every little bit of actor Jang’s daily life and work. Often works very hard in order to record more sides of actor Jang ^^
Team leader Song Eun-suk and manager Ho Min-che who hold the live venue. Hope you protect actor Jang well ^^

Choreographer Choi Jing-min and team leader Choi Hyun-young responsible for performance backstage. Without these two, there will be no performance. It’s been tough ^^

JKS Arena tour ended at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA

Hello pretty EEL's

The last stop of the Arena Tour was ended....It was held at saitama super arena..By looking his
EEl's JKS gain a lot of energy..Eels screamed as much as they can while waiting the show to start..Jang successfully completed the show from NAGOYA,OSAKA and SAITAMA..(congrats sukkie,ur the best!!)..According from blue eel GUNCHAN talked a lot,he spoke what he thinks and what he felt..But when the show started suk was not good, it looked so hard on him. After the 1st song, even his speech sounded weak. But he got better.Suk cried at the show,maybe because he saw the full support of his blue eels..He said no matter where he is, let me cry would always remind him of his japanese eels..Kim ha neul(YMP LEADING LADY) came to the show,she seated at the VIP section together with GUNCHAN parents..He sung the japanese song with guitar (he wrote the lyric himself)
The first encore was hanging/fly by the wire around the stage,2nd encore is shuffling..

FLOWER"s from TBS,fuji tv musicteam

A BIG BIG applause for you suk also to your staff and company..congratulation...

more photos:


[notice]Tree-J Announcement Trans for halloween party

Hello pretty EEL's

Hello. This is Tree-J Company. We would like to make an announcement regarding the Halloween Party. We do understand that many of you are excited and looking forward to the Halloween Party but due to some schedule problems, the Halloween Party is cancelled. We really apologize to fans who were looking forward to the event. We will do better next time.

Thank you. cr:sa_sha26

[news]Korean proud with Jang Keun Suk

Hello pretty EEL's
Jang Geunsuk sings the Korean National Anthem at the Tokyo Dome in Japan
credit: koreaboo + tvdaily + hancinema

Jang Geunsuk sang the Korean National Antehm at the Tokyo Dome in Japan and continues to receive positive feedback from his Korean and Japanese supporters. On the 24th of October, Jang Geunsuk sang the National Anthem before the Japanese Tsunami Charity Event "The 2nd Korea - Japan Dream Game" started.

The event was not only anticipated by his Korean supporters present in the event, but also by the Japanese media. After singing the National Anthem, Jang Geunsuk was given a round of applause and threw the first ball as suggested by Kim Seungwoo.

Netizens who witnessed his performance immediately left comments saying, "It's overwhelming to sing the National Anthem in the Tokyo Dome," "He's promoting Korea alright," "I'm proud of him," and many others.

Jang Geunsuk just finished Japan holding his concert tour, "2011 Jang Geunsuk in Japan 'Always Close to You'," which is set to end in the Tokyo Dome on November 26th.

[news]Jang Keun Suk love his Staff

Hello Pretty EEL's
Jang Geun Suk, Loved by "You're My Pet" Staff
credit: soompi

Jang Geun Suk revealed the secret to how he changed from “You’re My Pet” to “Film Staff Pet.” Just like his character in the film as the dominatrix Kim Hae Neul’s pet in the movie who shows all kinds of cuteness, Jang Geun Suk was apparently the catalyst for positive energy for the staff.

Even during filming which went long into the night, Jang Geun Suk would turn up music and play the guitar. He even taught the staff how to do the “Shuffle Dance” and started a “Shuffle Dance Craze” amongst them.

When the staff were having a hard time sweating throughout the summer he provided them with t-shirts and also would order nearly 80 whole chickens for the staff to eat. It is being said that through all of Jang Geun Suk’s efforts, the filming set was always friendly and energetic.

“You’re My Pet” will be released on November.

Monday, October 24, 2011


Hello pretty EEL's

video commercial of LAWSON:

he is so cute..hehhehe..are you ok suk??is your knee still hurts???