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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[Update]JKS and Yoona shared a passionate kiss

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credit: TVreport + korea.com+sears

The preview for the next episode of KBS’s series Love Rain, in which Jang Keun Suk gives Yoona a deep kiss, is getting a lot of attention.

In the 9th episode of the series, which aired on April 23, Jang gave Yoona three kisses in front of a fountain and received an explosive response. In the 20th episode of the series, which will air on May 29, Jang will capture the public’s attention once again by giving Yoona a deep and passionate kiss.

People responded: “I couldn’t sleep after seeing the preview.” “I wonder how the series will end! I hope it will be a happy ending.” “So sweet! I wish the couple can be sweet like that until the end.”

A spokesperson for Yoon’s Color, the production company for the series, says, “The last episode of the series will portray the couple more emotionally. Besides the kissing scene, you will like the ending as well.”

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gunchan “Just Crazy” message for his album launching

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[Photo and Video Preview]LoveRain Finally

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[preview for episode 20]

[More Photos]


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[Love Rain] Episode 19 Quick Summary

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Ha Na and Yoon Hee came back to home. Ha Na worried too much, but Yoon Hee assured her that it’s okay. Ha Na ended up crying alone in a quite corner of the greenhouse. Joon called her and heard her crying voice. He got off his car and ran to find Ha Na.
He just hugged Ha Na and let her cry in his arms. “It’s okay..it’s okay,”whispered Joon.

In Ha checked to Dong Wook about Yoon Hee’s condition. Dong Wook said surgery might help but it’s gonna be difficult to prevent the blindness. The next day he came to pick up Yoon Hee to the hospital. In the waiting room in the hospital, Yoon Hee told In Ha her objection of In Ha’s care. ”Can’t I just stay by yourside as your friend?” asked In Ha. “No, you can’t,” said Yoon Hee. She’s still thinking the best thing for the children.

Ha Na visited Joon in his place. She told him that her mother went to the hospital with his father. “So should we just go on a date?” asked Joon. Ha Na agreed, but she had to wait until 2pm because Joon had a photo shoot. Ha Na killed time in that place by taking pictures and spending time with Seon Ho. She asked if she could do something for Seon Ho. He told her there’s one thing he wanted to ask from her, “Just stay by my side for along time…as a friend.”

Ha Na and Joon had a date. Joon asked her to stop calling him Seo Joon-ssi. “What else then?” asked Ha Na. “You can call me oppa or honey,” he said. Suddenly Joon’s mother called, asking him to come home. Joon responded her mother coldly. Then Ha Na’s mom called Ha Na and she scolded her right away.
Joon took the phone and talked to her mother to stop it. “You two come here otherwise I’m gonna go find you,” warned Hye Jeong. Ha Na told him to go, but Joon refused the idea. Then suddenly Ha Na called him, “Oppa.” She asked him to go to his mother’s house together.

They arrived at Hye Jeong’s house as an item. In Hye Jeong’s house there’re already Lee Dong Wook, Chang Mo and Mi Ho. Hye Jeong said the reason he’s calling Joon was because she wanted to discuss about Mi Ho and Joon’s marriage arrangement.

But the men understood Joon and Ha Na. They apologized and excused themselves. It made Hye Jeong more upset. She started to scold Ha Na and kept doing it despite Joon’s asking her to stop. Joon told Ha Na to just go first. Before she left, Ha Na gave Hye Jeong a flower.

Joon drove Ha Na home and they met In Ha in front of Ha Na’s house. “Are you doing well?” asked In Ha to his son awkwardly. Joon also asked the same question to his father, and then he excused himself. He spent the afternoon walking along the resort area together.

Later that night Joon had a conversation with his father. Joon kind of understood how his father’s feeling in this situation. He finally could give the empathy to his father’s feelings and dilemma. ”I’m sorry for the past, Father,” said Joon.

Tae Seong informed Ha Na that her mom was meeting Joon’s mom. And he was right. Hye Jeong told Yoon Hee about their children. “Did you meet Ha Na?” asked Yoon Hee. Hye Jeong asked Yoon Hee to talk to her daughter. Yoon Hee told Hye Jeong that the love tragedy among the three of them in the past shouldn’t be happening to the children. They, above other people, knew how bad the result of not being able to get the love of their lives. “You should understand this, because you are a mother,” said Yoon Hee to Hye Jeong.

Ha Na came to the table asked Hye Jeong why was she doing there with her mother. “My mother is sick,” she said. Hye Jeong scold Ha Na for being rude cutting the elders’ conversation, but eventually she left.
Tae Seong came to Joon, told him to let go of Ha Na. “Do you know what Ha Na has been going through because of you??” yelled Tae Seong.

Later that night Joon came to Ha Na’s house. He apologized for his mother. Yoon Hee said she understood Hye Jeong and it didn’t make her a bad person. Then she told Joon that she’s going for the surgery. She asked Joon to make Ha Na happy. ”I want you two to just think about your own happiness,” said Yoon Hee.

When they’re alone, Joon hugged Ha Na and whispered without voice “I love you.” Ha Na asked him what he was doing. Joon said he’s just whispering three syllables. Ha Na pretended not to know anything. Then Joon told her that he got something to tell her, but not at that moment.

Joon officially left his mother’s house the next day. He said he’s giving his mother some time alone. “It’s not because of Ha Na. It’s for you, for us,” he said. Joon went back to his place behind the studio. He remembered the memories he shared with Ha Na in that room.

Tae Seong came to visit Ha Na. He said he had been waiting for Ha Na all this time, but now he’s gonna stop doing that. Ha Na started her speech in return, “I liked you very much, that’s why I was happy. Thank you. But now I’m with Seo Joon. I love him.” “Okay,” Tae Seong accepted the bitter fact for the last time. “I get it.”

Mi Ho came to the studio place and asked Joon in front of everyone, “Are you really going to New York?” Joon said there’s a good photography studio he’s interested in there. Seon Ho instantly asked him about Ha Na. Of course he’s not taking her and apparently he was still keeping this info from Ha Na.
Seon Ho came to check on Yoon Hee’s condition, as a family friend and a doctor too. He also check on Ha Na’s condition and told her that he understood why Ha Na and Joon proceed their relationship despite Yoon Hee’s condition.

Joon came to visit his mother and had a conversation with her. He apologized to his mother and asked her to be good to Ha Na’s mother.

Ha Na found a note from her mother at home. Yoon Hee was leaving  alone somewhere and would comeback the next day for the surgery. Ha Na called In Ha and he hurriedly looked for Yoon Hee. Then she called Joon. They figured out that Yoon Hee might go to her hometown.

Apparently, Yoon Hee visited her old university…to recall her sweet memories there, memories she shared mostly with Seo In Ha and the rest of the group: Hye Jeong, Dong Wook, Chang Mo. She even sat herself again on that memorable bench in front of In Ha’s old studio room. Right there In Ha came. “I knew you’d be here,” he said. They spent their nostalgic times together and In Ha informed Ha Na.

Joon finally told Ha Na that he’s going to New York. He asked her to wait for him. “I can’t let you go, but I want you to stay with your mother in her current condition.” “I understand why we can’t go together,” said Ha Na.”I heard what you’re saying that night. I love you.”

Spoiler for tomorrow’s episode everyone? Big smile? :D Lee Seung Gi and Taec Yeon may publicly known as Yoona’s big fans, but JKS definitely gets the most (public) kiss :mrgreen:

credit: Korean Drama Choa

[UPDATEs]Tree-J staff twitter

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In Japan “Love Rain” has just begun… In Korea “Love Rain” is almost over…

I remember the first shooting day… Beautiful In Ha… Even his hair is beautiful~

일본에선 사랑비 시작,,, 한국에선 사랑비 곧 안녕… 추억돋네 사랑비 첫 촬영날에 고운 인하 머리… 머리결도 곱다~


On the first shooting day of “Love Rain”, we left for Daegu at 5am…

When I arrived, In Ha had already started to prepare for shooting…

In Ha playing a guitar is beautiful~

사랑비 첫촬영날이라고, 새벽 5시에 출발해서 대구로 갔던,,, 도착하니 인하는 벌써 준비중… 기타치는 인하 곱다~


I remember In Ha playing a guitar.

I remember In Ha and Director Yoon discussed how to move on the first day.

In Ha remains etched into my memory~ Beautiful, really beautiful…

밑에 기타치는 인하, 추억돋네 첫날, 윤감독님과 동선 맞추는 인하, 추억돋네 충분히 기억에 남을 인하~ 곱다 곱다…


JKS is a person who inspires others on the set~

When he performs, he is In Ha. When he finishes to perform, he is Keun Suk.

I remember very beautiful In Ha blowing bubbles~

촬영장 분위기 메이커~ 연기할땐 인하, 연기가 끝나면 근석. 곱디 고운 인하가 비누방울 분다~ 추억돋네


Keimyung University in Daegu.

When I stepped in, I felt we have no choice to shoot “Love Rain” there…

I remember the nostalgic art college building…

대구 계명대, 내려가보고 정말 이곳에서 찍을 수 밖에 없다라는 생각이 들던… 그리운 미대 건물일듯… 추억돋네


credit: JKSForever

[Announcement]Let’s trend using #JUSTCRAZY on May 29th

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Lets' support our prince on May 29th...

All eels! Let’s cheer up JKS acting without rest. Plz, tweet some cheering messages with #JUSTCRAZY as soon as the last episode of Love Rain is over on Tuesday May 29th. You can use this “JUST CRAZY” logo and chained Crazy Suk ^^

tenshi_ akuma’s note: It means that “Let’s tweet something makes Sukkie cheerful and supportive and make a Twitter trend using #JUSTCRAZY after the final airing of LR. This attempt will start as soon as the airing ends. It’s at around 11pm (Korean local time) on May 29th. Don’t forget!



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credit: JKSForever

Saturday, May 26, 2012

l[NEWS]LoveRain ost 2 will be out soon!

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Release date: 2012-05-31
1. 그대니까요(노래: 나도균)
2. 첫 사랑(노래: 길구봉구 중 “길구”)
3. 속마음(노래: 방울악단)
4. 운명[바보처럼](노래: 서인국)
5. 비가오고 또 비가오면(노래: 길구봉주 중 “길구”)
6. 나는 지금(노래: 강승원)
7. 사랑비(String Ver.)
8. 사랑은 비처럼(String&Piano Ver.)
9. 자꾸자꾸(String Ver.)
10. “Song Of Rain”(String Ver.)
11. 사랑스러운 그대(Scat: 손빈나)
12. 자꾸자꾸(Guitar Ver.)

English translations of 12 tracks are below. (*new songs)
1. Because It’s You / Na DoKyun
2. First Love / “Bonggu” from Gilgu Bonggu *
3. My true feelings/ Bellband *
4. Fate (like a fool) / Seo In Guk *
5. After raining, it rains again / “Bonggu” from Gilgu Bonggu *
6. I’m now / Kang Seung-Won *
7. Love Rain – String Ver.-
8. Love Is Like Rain – String & Piano Ver.-
9. Constantly – String Ver. -
10. Song Of Rain -String Ver.- 11.
Loving You / (Scat) Son Binna *
12. Constantly – Guitar Ver. –


[NEWS]JKS LOVERAIN Behind-The-Scenes Pictures

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 Jang Keun Suk currently plays the role of Seo Joon who comes to have a destiny-like romance with Jung Ha Na (Yoona) in the drama.

While he has displayed a wide range of emotions from fury to sorrow for the drama, Love Rain’s production decided to treat fans with a closer look at the actor’s appearance in between takes.

 The pictures show a bright and positive Jang Keun Suk who frequently flashes his trademark smile. The same smile is said to exude everything from playful coyness to warm radiance.

A member of the drama’s production commented on Jang Keun Suk saying, “Jang Keun Suk’s seemingly unlimited energy provides continual strength to his fellow cast and staff members.

 Though we’re approaching the end of the drama, Jang Keun Suk is continuing to act as a mood-maker on set and providing effortless energy and encouragements to his peers.”

 The next episode of Love Rain will air on KBS on May 28 and conclude on May 29.

 Photo credit: Yoons Color


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


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[VIDEO]Jang Keun Suk recipe the making


Jang Keun Suk With Japanese Football Star Nakata Hidetoshi

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Jang Keun Suk revealed he was recently paid a surprise visit by Nakata Hidetoshi.

 On May 22, Jang Keun Suk revealed the surprise visit by the former Japanese football (soccer) star and model tweeting, “Daebak! Nakata-san who didn’t mention anything and made a surprise visit to [my] advertisement shooting. Was totally surprised!

The picture showed a surprised and happy looking Jang Keun Suk standing next to a chill Nakata Hidetoshi after receiving a bouquet of roses.

 Netizens commented on the photo saying, “Jang Keun Suk has so many friends”,

“Jang Keun Suk is as pretty as the roses” and “Nakata! So cool.”

 Photo credit: Jang Keun Suk’s Twitter
Credit: enewsworld.mnet.com

Monday, May 21, 2012

[NEWS]Jang Keun Suk’s POWER – 5% Ratings to 50 Billion Revenue

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 “The actor who multiplies that value 10 billion times.”

 Actor Jang Geun Suk has proven his strong power. On the eve of the grand finale of KBS2 Monday and Tuesday drama “Love Rain” starring by him, he makes the calculator very busy. Counting only broadcasting rights export fees and advertising sales, the totaled amount exceeded 50 billion South Korean won (about 42.8 million US dollar). Comparing with national average viewership ratings of 5% (based on AGB Nielson media research), the result rises by 10 billion times.

 “Love Rain” is the drama starring by Jang Geun Suk who is known as “new Hallyu” and “Star of Asia.” It has received the attention of overseas markets at a very early stage. The drama is exported to Japan before the broadcast began for about 9 billion South Korean won (about 7.7 million US dollar), setting the highest record domestically for about 4500 million South Korean won per episode (about USD $385000 per episode).

 At the same time, the drama is exported to 12 countries including China, Thailand, other Asian countries, United States and some European countries. It’s speculated that excluding Japan, the per episode price for the export contract signed is about 110 million South Korean won (about USD $94,150).

Thus, with 12 countries and 20 episodes, the amount tallies to 36 billion South Korean won (about 30.82 million US dollar) value of export, plus Japan’s 9 billion South Korean won totaled 45 billion South Korean won (about 38.5 US dollar) sales volume.

At the same time, advertising revenue cannot be ignored.

According to an official of AGB Nielson Media Research company in the phone interview with Sports Hankooki, “The ads were completely sold in episode 1 and 2, were sold 90% in episode 3 and 4, and were sold 80% from episode 5 to episode 18.”

“Love Rain” is selling each ads at about 13.2 million South Korean won (about USD $11300) for the 28 advertising slots of each episode. If assuming the ads selling rate for episode 19 and 20 is also 80%, and total number of ads slots is 456, and advertising sales revenue is hitting 6 billion South Korean won (about 5.12 million US dollar).

An official of KBS drama bureau said in the phone interview with Sports Hankooki, “It’s all thanks to Jang Geun Suk and Girls’ Generation member YoonA who are in the center of K-Pop euphoria, only that it’s a pity for the low viewership ratings.”

Jang Geun Suk is filming the TV series until May 28th, 2012. After the end of the drama, he will begin his overseas activities. The first Japanese album “Just CRAZY” is planned, and the “The Cri Show2″ concert tour is scheduled to begin in July in Japan, China, Taiwan, Thailand and other Asian countries.

Source:Dream & Live with Jang Geun Suk

Sunday, May 20, 2012

[LOVERAIN]Jang Keun Suk show his cooking ability in episode 17

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 Jang Keun Suk who is shooting the drama “Love Rain” will be as “a newly wed man” to show his cooking ability.
In ep17 which will be shown on May 21st. Joon and Ha Na will have some “only for two” happy time. As Joon who doesn’t know much about cooking wants to give Ha Na a surprise dinner, he was trying his best. Ha Na, with cute expression on her face sitting there watch him doing the cooking. She is looking forward to what is coming out. All these scenes have been associates to “newly wed couple”.
   In real life, Jang Keun Suk loves to cook, so during shooting, he actually made his special cuisine. This gave Ha Na and the work team a big surprise.

 Netizens have left many enthusiastic comments:”
   Jang Keun Suk who cooked with his heart will be the best future son in law”.
    “I also want to eat Jang Keun Suk’s cuisine.”
 “This just as the wife enjoys the food that the husband cooked, like couple romance.” “This is so cute, I am so envy two of them.” etc…
 The producer said, in ep 17 Joon and Ha Na will enjoy some happy time like newly weds. Please wait and see.

 Credit: yakumocri @weibo (Korean to Chinese)
 Original article:here
 English Translation: jks4ever/Sarah Ye

[INTERVIEW]100 Questions and Answers from Cut Magazine

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Q1. What’s your blood type and constellation?

JKS: Type A, Leo.

Q2: Family members?

JKS: Father, mother and me.

 Q3: What’s your strong point?

JKS: No weak points.

Q4: What’s your weak point?

JKS: Lots of strong points.

 Q5: What’s your motto?

JKS: No one is superior to anyone else. / Sincerity will get across to everyone eventually.

 Q6: Which is your better arm?

JKS: I’m right handed.

 Q7: What is your favorite word?

JKS: Kizuna (絆; Bond).

 Q8: If you say yourself as an animal, what will be?

JKS: Rabbit.

Q9: What you are good at?

JKS: Teasing.

Q10: What’s the meaning of your name?

JKS: Down to earth, have firm conviction to keep going on.

 Q11: What’s your earliest memory?

JKS: 5 years old, I was hit by bus.

 Q12: Do you have lots of friends?

JKS: Now, I do have a lot.

 Q13: What kind of kid you were?

JKS: Smart and adorable.

 Q14: What kind of music you’re listening recently?

JKS: BritPop 

Q15: What’s your trademark phrase?

JKS: I always like to add “cri” at the end of a sentence.

 Q16: Please use one sentence to say your personality.

JKS: Free spirit.

 Q17: What habit you can’t
stop (change)?

JKS: Touch my nose.

 Q18: If you only can eat one meal, what you would eat?

JKS: Sushi.

Q19: What drink you like?
JKS: Water

 Q20: No matter what, what you are just not good at it?

 JKS: Diet (Losing weight).

 Q21: What color you like?

JKS: Beige (creamy color)

 Q22: What kind of person you look up to?

JKS: A person who has firm conviction.

 23: So far, what’s the happiest shopping you’ve done?

JKS: Bought my first car.

 Q24: So far, what’s the most regretful shopping you’ve done?

KS: When I bought clothes on the internet. Not a success.

 Q25: What did you dream recently?

KS: I dreamed to drive my car for fun.

Q26: When did you cry recently?

 JKS: During shooting “Love Rain”

 Q27: So far in your life, wha

Q28: So far in your life, what is your most regretful thing?

JKS: I don’t think there is any.

 Q29: What you want most now?

JKS: Car. 

Q30: Please tell us the best book in your life.

JKS: “Norwegian Wood” by Haruki Murakami.

 Q31: If you feel blue, what you will do to make you feel better?

JKS: Go for a drive.

 Q32: So far, what’s the most embarrassing thing you did?

JKS: 2010 Crishow in Seoul, during performance, my voice became cracking.

 Q33: So far, what is the happiest thing you did?

JKS: I stood on the stage at Tokyo Dome.

 Q34: Please tell us what’s in your bag?

JKS: Wallet, fragrance, water, sunglasses, facial mask.

 Q35: So far, what’s your favorite movie?

 JKS: I love all Charlie Chaplin and James Dean’s movies. I have watched many times but every time I watch them still feel like I watch for the first time.

 Q36: If you have another life, who you want to be?

JKS: Still, be myself.

 Q37: Recently, what made you smile?

JKS: Got “Popularity Award” at 48th Baek-sang Arts Awards.

 Q38: Whom you respect most?

 JKS: My mother.

 Q39: Spring, summer, autumn, winter, which season you like?

JKS: Summer, because I can swim.

 Q40: Now, where do you want to travel the most?

JKS: India.

Q41: If you are not doing what you’re doing as an actor? What you will do?

 JKS: A director of a car repair shop.

 Q42: Do you have any pets?

JKS. Suni, a dog.

 Q43: What you will do when you go home today?

JKS: Sleep.

 Q44: Do you believe fortune teller?

JKS: I’m more on believing in myself.

 Q45: If you only can live for a week, what you will do?

JKS: Have a happy party.

 Q46: What kind of transportation you like.

JKS: My car.

 Q47: Do you like working in groups?

JKS: Yes, I do.

 Q48: If there is some rule that you can’t accept, what you will do?

JKS: I will work hard to change it.

 Q49: What book you read recently?

JKS: “Le rire du Cyclope” by Bernard Werber.

 Q50: Which fashion items you just buy without even realize it?

JKS: Sunglasses.

 Q51. Do you write in a diary?

JKS: I used to.

 Q52. If possible, whose diary do you wish to read most?

 JKS: The diaries of my managers.

 Q53. What role do you take on usually when you’re with your friends?

JKS: Leader.

 Q54. What kind of person do you find it hard to interact with?

 JKS: People who lack in what is expected.

 Q55. What kind of behaviour (mannerism, attitude etc) from a woman will make your heart pound?

 JKS: Pushing her hair behind her ear, which looks feminine.

 Q56. The thing that you want to challenge most now is?

JKS: Solo travelling, such as to India. 

Q57. Which part of your body do you like most?

JKS: Pubic bone.

 Q58. Looking back on your life so far, what do you describe it?

 JKS: Roller coaster.

 Q59. The pattern you like most is?

JKS: Leopard print.

Q60. Please say something to yourself of 10 years later.

 JKS: You’ve been working hard.

 Q61. To date, what was your most heartaching experience?

JKS: Shooting an undergarment ad during my teenage years.

 Q62. What do most people say about their first impression of you?

JKS: Unapproachable.

 Q63: What’s ringtone on your cellphone?

JKS: Default ringtone.

 Q64. What’s your daily routine is?

JKS: The drama filming recently.

 Q65. Your favourite proverb?

JKS: Heaven helps those who help themselves.

 Q66. Your most memorable teenage memory is?

JKS: The period of my overseas studies in New zealand.

 Q67. What do you like others to say about you?

 JKS: No wonder is Jang Keun Suk.

 Q68. Your ideal image of a man?

JKS: My father.

 Q69. Average sleeping time? What do you do when you can’t sleep?

 JKS: 4 to 5 hours. Surfing the internet.

 Q70. Do you believe in fate?

JKS: Although I believe, I also feel that fate can be changed.

Q71. Who do you long to see now?

JKS: My family.

 Q72. To date, of all the places you’ve been to, which place do you like most?

JKS: My room, my bed.

 Q73. Your biggest source of motivation is?

 JKS: My feelings to try whatever I want to do.

 Q74. Do you think you’re a romantic?

JKS: Of course.

 Q75. What do you feel is most important as a person?

 JKS: Trust and integrity.

 Q76. If you can use magic only once, what do you want to do?

JKS: I want to return to the 2010 “Last in Seoul” performance and fix my voice when it became cracking during singing.

 Q77. Your treasure is?

JKS: Myself now.

 Q78. If you’re the editor of a magazine, what kind of magazine would it be?

JKS: A magazine comprising of many interesting things.

 Q79. What is the difference between romance and love?

JKS: There is no romance without love. To me, there is not much difference.

 Q80. Are you strict towards yourself? Strict towards others?

 JKS: Strict towards myself, so that strict towards others.

Q81. If tomorrow is a rest day, what do you want to do?

JKS: Sleep.

 Q82. What do you like about Jang Keun Suk?

JKS: Creativity.

 Q83. What do you dislike about Jang Keun Suk?

JKS: If I suddenly think of something, I will act immediately, if not I will feel uncomfortable.

 Q84. Now your biggest enemy is?

JKS: Schedule.

 Q85. Have you ever suddenly been conscious about death?

 JKS: On a rainy day, my car skidded….. felt like I had escaped death ….

 Q86. Do you like interviews? The reason?

JKS: Like. It’s work that allows others to understand me.

 Q87. Please list 3 things that you want to carry through until death.

JKS: Acting, performing, travelling.

 Q88. The thing that you can only tell yourself is?

JKS: My traps.

 Q89. What are you particular about when you work?

JKS: Whether my intentions of my work are 100% communicated to everyone.

 Q90. The song that matches your feelings right now is?

JKS: “Crazy Crazy Crazy”.

Q91. The little happy things in your life?

JKS: When I eat the food I cook with the people I like.

 Q92. What’s your jinx?

JKS: It will definitely rain in any place I go to. Rain bringer.

 Q93. Your biggest crisis in the past is?

JKS: During my youth, I felt lost when I had to shoot an undergarment ad, and then I told them I would do it if there’s just the photographer and me.

 Q94. The method to go through a crisis?

 JKS: To face myself.

 Q95. What made you upset recently?

JKS: When Suni didn’t listen to me.

 Q96. Anything recently when you felt super happy?

 JKS: Drinking a cup of ice cold coffee at the scorching filming venue, a very subtle kind of happiness.

 Q97. Use one line to express your charm?

 JKS: Free and unrestrained.

 Q98. Give yourself a catch-phrase now.

JKS: In order to become the World Prince, I will do the best I can today.

 Q99. Will you be an artist your whole life?

JKS: Now, I feel that this is my destiny.

 Q100. Finally, please conclude.

JKS: So many questions you wanted to ask! Got a big shock. Many thanks for chatting so long with me.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

[NEWS]Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk on his way to become World Prince

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It has been recently revealed that Jang Keun Suk is one of the artists who is set to work on Far East Movement`s next project Dirty Bass.

This is a collaboration of many top artists around the world including American artists LMFAO, Tyga, Justin Bieber and Rye Rye. It was also reported that Jang Keun Suk will be the korean artist working with them.

Besides Jang Keun Suk another Japanese artist involved in the making of this album is Crystal Kay — who is known as the Japanese Pop Princess.

 Jang Keun Suk with his hits like Let Me Cry was also selected to work on this album due to be released this May.

Asia Prince Jang Keun Suk is quite known for his talents both in the acting and singing department in Japan and other Asian countries.

He has constantly held concerts,shows and Asia tours which has received continuous support from all his fans.

His famous concert at Tokyo Dome with 45,000 audiences last November was considered a huge success.

And now Asia Prince is seen to extend his power into other countries.

His newest drama Love Rain is also gathering much interest both in the East and the Western countries. And now it has also been reported that he holds the privilege of working with world pop stars and to leave his mark in the international music industry.

 Does this signify the branching of Jang Keun Suk`s career into the world entertainment industry.

     Is Asia Prince slowly but surely working towards the title of World Prince?

 Only time and Asia Prince Keun Suk`s determination,hard work can answer this question.

Hoping for a bright future to the 24 year old star who is reaching a milestone in his 20 years of career in the entertainment industry.

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[NOTICE]Treej_company TWEET

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An unfortunate incident occurred on the set today. A fan threw a gift at JKS striking him in the head. He could have been seriously injured.

 If you really support him, please refrain yourselves from committing these kinds of senseless acts.

 We have previously notified fans not to come to the set, but they disregarded our announcement.

 If you do not follow our warnings, the company will take strong actions to correct the situation. So please obey our directions.

 From now on, all gifts will only be accepted by JKS's managers.

 Fans cannot approach JKS and try to give him anything.

If you choose to ignore this warning, the company will take strong actions to correct the situation.


[LOVERAIN]Jang Keun Suk and Jung Jin Young Closeness Behind The Scene

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Pictures of Jang Keun Suk and Jung Jin Young showing off their close friendship are getting a lot of attention.

Jung and Jang are playing the roles of father and son, who are struggling due to their romances in KBS’s Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain.

The two actors are performing together in fantastic harmony. They are working together for the third time after appearing on the movies The Happy Life and The Case of Itaewon Homicide.

People responded: “They really look like father and son who are very close.” “They look like having a lot of fun shooting the series.” “Jung is lying down on Jang, who is wearing white and clean smile. They are making happy faces!”

The 16th episode of the series, in which Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee split up, made the audience feel sad. Seo Joon and Jung Ha Na, however, embraced each other and made people pay more attention to the results of their romances. The next episode will air on May 21 at 9:55 p.m.



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 In order to promote his first full album ‘Just Crazy‘, Jang Keun Suk will be broadcasting a special 24-hour program live over Nico Nico Douga from 9:00 PM on May 29th until the same time on May 30th.

 The full title of the program is “Special 24-Hour Program ‘Just Crazy’ World in Nico Nico Live Broadcast in Commemoration of the Release of Jang Keun Suk’s 1st Album ‘Just Crazy’” (URL: http://live.nicovideo.jp/watch/lv93221083).

Jang Keun Suk had previously held similar programs live over Nico Nico Douga for the release of his debut single “Let me cry“, which went straight to the top of the Oricon charts, as well as for the release of TEAM H’s “Lounge H The first impresions“, which he participated in as part of a unit with BIG BROTHER.

Over one million people tuned into these past two broadcasts.

 Jang Keun Suk will also be taking over “Seiryumon“ inside Odaiba’s Venus Fort from May 30th until June 17th. Multiple panels of Jang Geun Suk wearing the clothes from his album jacket cover will be plastered on the walls, while exclusive clips and his music video for “Crazy Crazy Crazy” will be projected onto a gigantic screen. There will also be a special menu, napkins, and coasters of the Korean star.

 The song “200 miles” from his new album has already been claimed as the opening theme song to the movie ‘FAIRY TAIL the Movie Houou no Miko‘, while the song “Rain” is currently on air now as the CM song for Suntory’s “Soul Makkori” commercials.

 Check out the track list and covers for ‘Just Crazy’, in addition to the music video for “Crazy Crazy Crazy” below!



< CD Track List >

01. 200 miles

2. Always close to you

03. Crazy Crazy Crazy

04. Stay

05. Rain

06. Let me cry

 07. Abracadabra

08. In my dream

09. Bye Bye Bye (Album Version)

10. Epilogue…

11. Tomorrow

< DVD Track List >
“Crazy Crazy Crazy” Music Video

 & Music Video Making

 Here's the short MV of crazy!crazy!crazy!


Thursday, May 17, 2012

[NEWS]World Artist Collaborations for Far East Movement’s Upcoming Album

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World Artist Collaborations for Far East Movement’s Upcoming Album

Following the success of their 2010 US album Free Wired, Far East Movement‘s next project is globally-minded. Dirty Bass will drop May 22 internationally, and feature artists from around the world.

Hit club anthem “Like a G6″ ft. Dev and The Cataracs launched Far East Movement from relative obscurity into electro/hip-hop stardom. These guys know how to cut a track and make it nearly impossible to forget, while working alongside artists like Snoop Dogg, Ryan Tedder of One Republic and Wiz Khalifa for past singles gave them credible staying power.

While the entire tracklist hasn’t been revealed yet, released singles confirm that Dirty Bass features American artists LMFAO, Tyga, Justin Bieber and Rye Rye. Sanspo also reported last month that Korean artist Jang Geun Suk and Japanese artist Crystal Kay participated on the
 album as well

Image Credits: Sanspo, Universal Music Japan Top: 

Crystal Kay records with FM, JGS shuffles with LMFAO"

Crystal Kay — who is half African-American, half Korean, and an all-around Japanese Pop Princess — is featured on track, “Where the Wild Things Are.” When asked about her thoughts on the collaboration by Sanspo, she replied, “I was so happy that I started dancing. It’s like a dream to have my name on a foreign artist’s CD. Using this chance, I want to become a singer that can give appeal to the world.” 

 Since Far East Movement tends to borrow vocals from R&B and hip-hop artists, we were surprised to see Jang Geun Suk on the list of collaborators. Judging from past singles like “Let Me Cry,” the actor/singer has a smokey, made for rock-n-roll voice, and it’ll be interesting to hear how it fits into Dirty Bass. 

 The international release date for is May 22, and the domestic release will be June 5. While we wait, check out FM’s official Soundcloud and MVs for “Live My Life (Party Rock Remix),” “Jello” and “Dirty Bass.”


 source: mtviggy